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Credit repair overview

Any listing on an individual’s credit file can have a devastating impact upon credit worthiness. Too many credit enquiries, a court judgment, or payment default, regardless of the amount it is with respect to, will cause most lenders to reject an application for credit.

Spector & Associates have successfully negotiated the removal of negative listings allowing thousands of Australians access to the credit services that have become essential to daily life and business.

How does it work?

It is a requirement of law that credit providers fulfil strict obligations before lodging a negative listing on the credit file of an individual. Often, for a multitude of reasons, this process is not followed, allowing for the removal of any negative listings.

Spector & Associates will investigate whether the listing party has met the obligations entrenched in state, federal, and specific credit reporting legislation. Following such, we will negotiate the removal of the negative listing on your behalf.

Why choose us?

Over 30 years experience

97% success rate

Affordable fees

Benefits to you

  • Broaden your lending options

  • Improve your credit worthiness

  • Increase your capacity to borrow

  • Obligation free assessment

  • Increase your capacity to invest

  • Eliminate stress of applying for credit

Getting started

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