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Overview – Debt Collection Perth

When you should act

  • One or more past due accounts

  • Experiencing cash flow problems

  • Debtors providing excuses, not payments

  • Chasing payments is too time consuming

  • Insufficient in house collection resources

Collections and Credit Management can be emotionally and financially charged. Our approach is informed by more than 30 years continuous provision of empathetic and effective services.

We operate on a commission only basis ensuring our business interests are aligned with yours. In the event that legal action is required, no upfront professional fees are charged and you’ll only ever pay if we are successful.

By removing barriers such as high solicitor fees and complex lodgement processes, our clients gain access to class leading debt collection without further impacting their time or cash flow.

Why choose us?

Firm. Professional

High recovery rates

Low commission

Australia wide

Legal ready

Account manager

24/7 access

Our Recovered™ Platform is free and simple to use. Submit a debt for collection in minutes.

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Who we work with

Spector & Associates are a preferred debt collection partner among Perth businesses. We work with sole traders, SMEs, larger organisations, and even not-for-profits to provide straightforward, effective debt collection.

If you are not happy with your current provider, or are looking to outsource your debt collection needs, you can be assured that the professional consultants at Spector & Associates are exactly what you are looking for.

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