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Debt collection services overview

Spector & Associates provide debt collection services to sole traders, SMEs, corporates, and not-for-profits, throughout Australia. Our debt collection strategies have been designed to locate and engage even the most evasive of debtors resulting in a faster, more effective collection cycle.

Debt lodgement

Our Recovered™ Platform will enable you to quickly and easily lodge debts for collection.

We will commence the collection immediately and you may monitor our progress in real time.

Commission only

Our commission only model goes to the pinnacle of best practice debt collection services.

We will not be paid for any work unless you are paid first, thereby aligning our interests.

Effective process

Our specialised strategies and proven methodologies mean the best results for your business.

We utilise a comprehensive suite of inbound and outbound voice, electronic communications, IVR, self-serve, chat and letter based collections services.

Legal Action

Legal action is considered when debtors refuse or continually fail, to make payment.

We can facilitate legal proceedings in all states of Australia. We operate on a no win, no fee basis with no professional fees payable upfront.

Early stage debt collection services include:

  • Call, SMS, IVR, and Email Reminders

  • Reminder Letters

  • Receivables Management (End to End collections)

  • Customised Payment Arrangements

  • Hardship Assessments

Mercantile debt collection services include:

  • Demand Letters

  • Skip Tracing

  • Litigation

  • Field Calls

  • Hardship Account Management

Why choose us?

Firm. Professional

High recovery rates

Low commission

Australia wide

Legal ready

ACCC Compliant

Benefits to your business

  • Increase your cash flow

  • Reduce your write-offs

  • Broaden collection tools

  • More time to focus upon driving growth

  • Eliminate the stress of chasing invoices

  • Debtors know that you are serious